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Plastic-free initiative

We should all take responsibility and do our bit in reducing plastic especially single use plastic. I am inspired by MP Zac Goldsmith, Councillor Mona Adams, Liberal Democrat Sarah Olney, and the leader of Richmond council Gareth Roberts as they are 100% behind this initiative. The plan is to expand this Borough wide.

Left to right: MP Zac Goldsmith and Owner Stana Basic.

Left to right: Owner Stana Basic, Cllr Mona Adams, Liberal Democrat Sarah Olney and leader of Richmond council Gareth Roberts.

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Our Team

Stana and Sasa were both born in Yugoslavia, and have been great friends for nearly 25 years. It seemed only natural that they would form a business partnership in 2017.  They take equal responsibility for the coffee shop alongside their newly formed sister company, Handcrafted Natural Bakes. 

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Stana’s passion for cooking and baking came from her uncle, as when she was a child she assisted him in his working man’s cafes, and later when he bought a run down villa and turned it into a 60 bedroom hotel, behind the bar and as a waitress. She finds baking incredibly relaxing and puts an enormous amount of time, energy and love into this, and will gladly give you a cake recommendation. When not in the cafe, Stana fulfils a professional part-time role in Software. She is a devoted mother of two children and loves nothing more than travelling, riding her bike and playing tennis.


Sasa previously used her baking expertise for Yummishes, in Mortlake. Throughout the years she has gained an all-round knowledge of baking, and her enthusiasm for this knows no bounds. When not in the cafe, Sasa is a busy mum to two children and a devoted wife. She loves football and is probably Novak Djokovic’s biggest fan. 

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Florence is a full time student, she studies International Hospitality Management and is currently on placement at the Savoy. When I met her it took me some time to persuade her to come and help us. After her first day I think she realised that she had made the right decision. A very interesting fact about Florence is that the legendary Merry Berry has tried one of her cakes and said it was 'delightful'.


Anja, pronounced "Anya", has worked diligently with us for over a year. She is the youngest member of the team and is our Saturday girl. She is a self-taught baker who appears to be an absolute natural, judging from the quality of what she is able to produce. 

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Luke is the newest member of our team, and we were all pleasantly surprised by his expertise and broad knowledge of coffee, coffee machines and the grinder. He’s an enthusiastic self-starter with lots of energy. He is all the way from New Zealand and is the youngest of five children.