**May contain traces of nuts (walnuts, pistachios and almonds).


Handcrafted Natural Bakes

The Coffee & Cake Co produce premium natural cakes from the finest , and where possible, organic ingredients. We do not add anything to our cakes to prolong their shelf life. With a growing concern amongst the general public about what they are eating and what constitutes the ingredients, we use only the best organic butter and eggs, and wherever possible, other organic ingredients. We are part of a growing movement that believes in baking and cooking from scratch, in order to deliver excellent results. 


Stana says “ We all have memories as children of something  our mother, aunt or grandmother often baked. A customer ordering a cake may well experience some of the emotions and nostalgia of their own childhoods. In this sense, my chosen profession is so rewarding. We set ourselves the highest standard by ensuring our cakes are fresh, handcrafted and organic. Mass production simply has no appeal to us or our customers. We experiment with new recipes on a weekly basis and always gain feedback. I think it is important to be innovative by offering new products, alongside offering the firm favourites. In a comparatively short amount of time, we have gained a loyal customer base and following.”

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